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Cableworks Manufacturing Ltd. is located in sunny Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Cableworks is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company that was established in 2001. Cableworks was formerly a division of Q-Tron Railroad Electronics for 15 years.  Many of the original Q-tron Employees are still with us today, bringing over 75 years of combined experience with  Railroad and Oilfield related Products. Cableworks specializes in Custom Multi Conductor Cable Manufacturing, Cable Assemblies, Post Molded Connectors, Injection Molding and several variation's of Harnesses all Custom Made to our Customer's exacting Specifications .  We also produce several Mechanical Assemblies. Cableworks only supplies Top Quality products to our Valued Customers in both Canada and the United States. Our Products are used all around the world and in Extreme Environments.

Cableworks prides itself on the Highest Quality Products.  We are large enough to handle your business volumes but are small enough to keep Very High Standard Of Quality Control and Great Customer Service.